Shawn Seipler, Founder & CEO, Clean the World Global

Shawn Seipler, Founder of CEO, Clean the World Global

In 2009, after countless nights spent in hotel rooms for work, Shawn Seipler stumbled upon a simple yet transformative question: ‘What happens to leftover soap in hotel rooms?’ Little did he know that this question would catalyze the birth of Clean the World, now a global leader in sustainable environmental and social impact solutions, transforming used soap bars and plastic amenities that the hospitality industry would otherwise discard into lifesaving, essential supplies for communities in need across the globe.

Shocked by the revelation that the hospitality industry was discarding millions of usable soap bars each year, Shawn, driven by a deep sense of responsibility, embarked on a remarkable journey. With the unwavering support of his devoted family members, he transformed a humble one-car garage in Orlando, Florida, into the epicenter of soap recycling, setting in motion a movement that would change lives and communities around the world.

Fast forward to today, Clean the World Global has diverted over 25 million pounds of waste from landfills, donated over 80 million bars of recycled soap to global NGOs, such as The WASH Foundation and distributed more than 5 million hygiene kits to individuals in need.

Under Shawn’s leadership, Clean the World has grown to become more than a singular flagship brand. It has expanded into Clean the World Global, comprising of Clean the World and CTW Events, a social enterprise providing global impact team-building experiences with a social purpose.

Shawn possesses a unique skill set, enabling him to see individuals for who they are and help them reach their potential. “I’ve always had this desire to help the less fortunate, to elevate those in need, and to witness the happiness of others,” he reflects. This perspective has shaped Shawn’s personal and professional journey, including his role as the CEO and founder of Clean the World.

Shawn’s profound sense of empathy and resolve laid the foundation for Clean the World Global to become what it is today- a global enterprise with the purpose of making the world a better place. Through Shawn’s leadership, Clean the World Global will continue to improve the lives of underserved populations and the environment for generations to come.

Randy Wise, Senior Vice President, Clean the World Global

Randy Wise, Senior Vice President, Clean the World Global

Randy Wise began his journey with Clean the World Global in March 2014, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a deep-seated passion for serving communities. Before his tenure at Clean the World Global, Randy dedicated 24 years to local government, honing his skills in navigating intricate bureaucratic landscapes, understanding community needs, and fostering relationships with diverse stakeholders.

For Randy, the most inspiring aspect of his job lies in the “faces unseen.” Despite the anonymity, he finds profound motivation in knowing that Clean the World Global’s efforts have positively impacted millions of lives. The notion that every action contributes to a better world fuels his dedication and drive.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Randy’s proudest accomplishments extend to his family and community. He cherishes being the father of two remarkable young women and his 34-year career dedicated to serving the most vulnerable members of society. 

Terry Riddle, Chief Commercial Officer, Clean the World Global

Terry Riddle, Chief Commercial Officer, Clean the World Global

Joining Clean the World Global in 2019, Terry Riddle is a seasoned professional with a passion for success and sustainable change. As the Chief Commercial Officer, he drives positive social change through innovative and scalable solutions, valuing collaboration, diversity, and integrity in his work. 

With a background in executive business management, Terry has consistently driven innovation and excellence throughout his career. His dedication to affecting real change and genuine commitment to highly scrutinizing sustainability initiatives has garnered him recognition as a leader among social enterprises.

Terry’s commitment to making the world a better place is evident in his day-to-day work, inspiring colleagues and partners alike. He holds a Business Administration Degree from The University of Alabama and The University of Phoenix, further solidifying his expertise in navigating the challenges associated with the executive management of a global business within the sustainability space.

When he’s not driving positive change in the world, Terry enjoys spending time with his wife Kathi, also an accomplished business executive, and their two sons Carter and Camden, students at the University of Alabama, and boating, fishing, golf, and attending the Crimson Tide football games.

Aurélie Grand, Vice President Global Marketing & Communications

Aurélie Grand, Vice President Marketing & Communications, Clean the World Global

Vice President of Marketing and Communications since March 2023, Aurélie Grand joined Clean the World Global with over 20 years of global DTC and B2B experience in traditional and digital marketing, branding, communications, events, and public relations.

Before joining the company, Aurélie worked with established corporations such as Walt Disney World, Cirque du Soleil, and Tupperware and helped startup ventures develop and build their marketing strategies and departments. She is a strategic, collaborative, and creative leader who is passionate about contributing to the success of Clean the World Global by creating and enhancing business strategies and finding solutions.

Aurélie holds an MBA from the top French Business School, ESSEC. In her last year there, she was one of only two students selected to spend a full semester at the University of Illinois to enhance her MBA experience. She also graduated from the “Chaire Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy – ESSEC Prestige International,” where she took marketing classes specialized in luxury goods and had the opportunity to work for Christian Dior.

Beyond her extensive professional accomplishments, Aurelie’s proudest achievement is raising her two daughters to become strong and successful women who understand that happiness comes within

Sandro Sa, Vice President Finance, Clean the World Global

Sandro Sa, Vice President Finance, Clean the World Global

Sandro Sa’s journey as Vice President of Finance for Clean the World Global began in January 2023, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his illustrious career. With an extensive background in economics and vast experience in corporate finance, including tenure at a renowned “Big Four” global accounting firm, Sandro brings over 25 years of expertise to his role.

Alongside his professional endeavors, Sandro remained committed to academic growth, earning two MBAs—one in Executive Management and another in Corporate Finance—and participating in numerous executive training programs to stay on top of evolving best practices in corporate finance.

For Sandro, the most inspiring aspect of his role lies in collaborating with different departments to create the most impact at Clean the World Global. He recognizes that success hinges on the collective engagement of the entire workforce, and he is proud to work with his team to instill a successful financial framework throughout the organization.

At the top of Sandro’s professional achievements sits his greatest accomplishment: his family. Balancing the demands of work and personal life is a cornerstone of his success, and he takes pride in finding support and harmony within his family.

Marti Mosley, Chief of Staff, Clean the World Global

Marti Mosley, Chief of Staff, Clean the World Global

Marti Mosley has been integral to Clean the World Global since she joined in September 2011, serving as the Chief of Staff. Initially starting in the finance department, Marti’s dedication and passion led her to transition seamlessly into her current role. With a true heart for social impact, Marti’s career trajectory reflects her unwavering commitment to creating positive change.

Every day, Marti finds true inspiration in the tangible impact Clean the World Global has on those in need. Whether it’s through educating hotel partners to recycle amenities and reduce landfill waste, providing mobile shower units to those experiencing homelessness, or facilitating hygiene kit distributions through impact events, Marti finds immense fulfillment in knowing her efforts contribute to significant global change that touches the lives of millions.

Outside of her professional accomplishments, Marti’s proudest achievement lies in the loving family she and her husband have created since 1986. Marti’s dedication to her work and family exemplifies her commitment to making the world a better place, personally and professionally.

Pat Norris, Director of Human Resources, Clean the World Global

Pat Norris, Director of Human Resources, Clean the World Global

In April 2023, Pat Norris embarked on a transformative chapter with Clean the World Global, stepping into the pivotal role of Director of Human Resources. Pat discovered his true calling in human resources during his previous career in the live entertainment sector, where he was drawn to the opportunity to contribute to the creative process and support performers and technicians behind the scenes.

For Pat, the most moving aspect of his role at Clean the World Global lies in meeting individuals “where they are” and serving as an empathetic leader. Guided by a philosophy of servant leadership, Pat takes immense pride in fostering an environment where employees recognize and harness their intrinsic value. Witnessing the unwavering commitment of the team to uphold the organization’s mission serves as a constant well of inspiration.

Confronting adversity with unwavering determination while staying true to personal convictions has been a hallmark of Pat’s journey. In all that he does, Pat embodies a steadfast commitment to integrity both in professional endeavors and personal relationships.

Ken Parker, Managing Director Legal, Clean the World Global

Ken Parker, Managing Director Legal, Clean the World Global

Ken Parker embarked on his journey with Clean the World in September 2018, driven by a profound desire to make a difference in the lives of those in need. With a background in street outreach programs for impoverished communities and a passion for helping individuals within the legal system, Ken’s transition into the role of (official title) was a natural progression of his commitment to serving others.

Through his role at Clean the World Global, Ken stands as a catalyst for positive change, even in the face of adversity. As he navigates the complexities of the legal world, Ken finds fulfillment in knowing that his contributions play a crucial role in providing relief and life-sustaining products to individuals experiencing disasters, homelessness, and impoverishment.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Ken’s proudest accomplishment lies in his role as a devoted parent and spouse. With two remarkable children and a marriage spanning 27 years, Ken cherishes the bonds he has nurtured within his family, embodying the values of love, dedication, and resilience in his personal and professional life.


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